RARE original ammo box for the Spencer and Joslyn rifles and carbines

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Very rare original paste board Civil War ammunition box for the Spencer and Joslyn rifles and carbines as manufactured from December 1862 until September of 1864 by Crittenden and Tibbals of South Coventry, Connecticut. The company delivered 28,073,507 paper and metallic cartridges, mostly .56 and .44, to the US government at a cost of $698,016.00. This amounted to just over 25% of ALL the cartridges made for the Union Army and Navy in the Civil War. An original full package sold a few years ago at auction in excess of $1,400. If you want the perfect accessory to display with you weapon, you won’t find a better example.

We sold an original and complete wooden empty case from this manufacturer for the same cartridges several years ago and have never seen another!

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