A-52 French M1777 Charleville musket converted to percussion, Civil War use, Virginia

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This is a beautiful example of a sea service pattern French manufactured Charleville .69 caliber smooth bore musket which was once in a small historical society collection in western Virginia.  The metal is smooth and bright and the walnut stock is in excellent overall condition.  The weapon has an iron buttplate and brass bands and nosecap as specified for maritime use weapons.  The action is crisp and there is evidence of the old museum mounting locations on the butt and forestock as shown.

Many collectors consider this a Virginia Armory conversion because of the way the percussion cone is inserted in the barrel at the breech area.  In addition, the original ramrod has an incised “V” which is commonly found on converted weapons of the era.  Many Revolutionary War era weapons were still in Virginia arsenals at the outbreak of the Civil War and issued to troops in the field.  This is a beautiful and historic firearm which potentially saw use in the Revolutionary War, the War of 1812, the Mexican War AND the American Civil War.

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