Civil War Naval flag from the USS Ohio circa 1862

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An awesome piece of Civil War memorabilia, this 13-star 4’8″ x 6’4″ wool bunting American flag once flew over the deck of the USS Ohio, a ship of the line that was assigned to service in the Gulf of Mexico during the early Civil War years.  It was brought home by Eliphalet P. Rowell who served aboard the ship in 1861 and 1862.  Rowell later joined Company C, 1st Massachusetts Heavy Artillery and served further in the War.  His name is inscribed on the hoist as shown.

The flag is documented as coming directly from the family owned Decatur Naval Collection via Alice Decatur Armsden of Kittery Point, Maine, who sold it and others in 2009.  The flag had formerly been in the Decatur-Armsden Collection that included a variety of historical artifacts dating back to the 17th century.  The flag was later in the noted Zaricor flag collection as well.

The flag is primarily hand sewn of wool bunting and has a hoist rope of a blend of jute and hemp.  This item comes with additional information from the previous last sale date of 2013 as well.  Other than a few minor repairs as shown in the images, the flag is quite sound overall.

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