Civil War Savage and North percussion Navy revolver

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Often called the “Figure 8” pistol, this double action percussion revolver is in exceptionally nice unmolested condition.  It is in the serial number range of an example documented to use on the U.S.S. St. Lawrence, one of the vessels involved with the Battle of Hampton Roads, where the Merrimack (aka Virginia) and Monitor clashed in the first ironclad vs ironclad contest in naval history.  This weapon recently surfaced in an old collection near Virginia Beach.  It clearly has “CSN” stamped in one grip, which was done A LONG time ago–no examples are known to have been marked by the Confederate States Navy, but the stamping impression is very old and not anything done in this century, in my opinion.  It is priced for what a Savage typically sells for in the same condition–the marking is free.

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