Civil War US Model 1840 Heavy Cavalry sword/scabbard, Philadelphia




This is a very honest, original example of the sword nicknamed “Old Wristbreaker” by cavalry, dragoon and mounted infantry units.  It was manufactured by Sheble and Fisher of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, circa 1859-1863.  Samuel Sheble and John Stevenson were listed as fork manufacturers, and by 1862 they were listed as a supplier for military goods in the Philadelphia business directory. John Fisher at about this time was listed as, among other things, a hardware, cutlery, and instrument maker. It is believed that Samuel Sheble and John Fisher started manufacturing at around 1859, when it was first noted that their firm ‘Sheble and Fisher’ were listed in the business directory.  The sword leather grip covering has become damaged from decades of living in the attic of an old home near Chambersburg, Pennsylvania where it was found last year along with another just like it (sans scabbard).  It is unknown how many examples were manufactured, but the total quantity is estimated at between 800 to 1,700 based on known survivors.