Fine WWII Nazi German P-38 Walther 9mm pistol, last wartime model produced

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The Pattern 1938 pistol was developed by Carl Walther in 1938. The first weapons produced for the German army were marked with the Walther banner on the slide. In 1940. the Walther banner was replaced by a secret code to indicate the manufacturer. The Germans were afraid that markings like the Walther banner would make it quit easy for the allies to determine the weapon production sites and bomb them. Therefore at the beginning of 1940 the pistols produced by the Walther plant were marked with the secret code 480 to indicate Walther as the manufacturer but replaced after two months with the new secret code ac. During the Nazi-regime, 584,500 P38 pistols were produced by the Carl Walther plant in Zella Mehlis. Production was stopped when the American forces seized the plant in April 1945. Weapons produced had to be inspected before they were delivered to the German Army. After approval the weapons were stamped with an inspection stamp (Waffenamt). The Walther inspection stamp consisted of an eagle above the number 359 (E/359).

This excellent firearm was produced in 1945 and bears all matching serial numbers as well as the original black thermoplastic ribbed grips.  The original magazine is present as well, showing the hasty late war markings of hurried finish and is not polished out like the earlier examples.  It has the correct frame markings (Eagle/359) in numerous places and mechanically is excellent.  Overall finish is borderline 95%+ and the bore is mint.

The P-38 superceded the Pattern 1908 Luger 9mm pistol and was the most commonly issued standard regulation military hand gun for all German forces by 1942.

NOTE:  Antique firearms are sold as collector items and NOT warranted safe to fire.  While mechanically perfect, you are recommended to have a gunsmith inspect any 50+ year old weapon before shooting.  A Federal Firearms License or Curio and Relic license is required for legal transfer of this handgun–NO EXCEPTIONS.


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