Lot of 10 (TEN) original battlefield recovered Civil War minie ball bullets


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Get ready for that little holiday or graduation gift–we just purchased an old collection of artifacts that included over 3,000+ field, camp and battlefield recovered relics.  Most are Union .58 types and drops as shown.  We rinsed them off a little and bagged them up, unsorted, so no two lots are exactly the same.  A few may have minor nicks or dings but most are near perfect drops.  Most were recovered within 30 miles of the Capital of the Confederacy–Richmond, Virginia–in the mid-1970s.  All were recovered legally from private property with the full permission of the owner.  If you want a little piece of Union and Confederate Civil War history, here ya go!  Most of these types retail from $3-5 each at national shows today.  Price includes shipping to continental US !

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