RARE Civil War Confederate Archer bolt from Virginia

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This is a very honest example of an excavated, seldom-seen Civil War Confederate 3” field artillery projectile commonly referred to as an Archer Bolt.  The design is credited to Dr. Robert Archer who was a partner of Joseph Anderson, the Confederate superintendent of the Tredegar Foundry in Richmond, Virginia. Constructed of cast iron, this bolt was recovered near Richmond, Virginia and features a pointed nose with a body that tapers towards the base.

Fired from a 3” ordnance rifle, this bolt is of a type used at the very beginning of the war.  They were described as ineffective and often discarded in the field by artillery units. Seldom recovered from Civil War battlefields after 1862, the bolt is as-found and exhibits moderate rust degradation as shown.

The Confederate Archer bolt is a rare addition to any Civil War field artillery display or collection.

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