RARE Civil War Confederate Robinson 1st Model Sharps cavalry carbine !


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This is an honest, solid and attractive and early War example (#1810) of one of the approximately 1,900 1st type Confederate Sharps style carbines that were manufactured by S.C. Robinson located at the Confederate capitol of Richmond, Virginia, as made for the Confederate Army in 1862 and 1863. The Confederate government purchased the S.C. Robinson factory in March 1863 and manufactured another estimated 3,000 2nd type carbines. Like most field and battle used Confederate weapons, surviving examples of these carbines are difficult to find in any condition and typically show signs of hard use. They likely were mostly issued to cavalry units, unlike their Union counterparts that were often issued to infantry troops.

The lock plate is roll-stamped “S.C. ROBINSON/ARMS MANUFACTORY/RICHMOND.VA/1862” and the top of the barrel has thick old varnish slightly obscuring the markings that read “S.C. ROBINSON/ARMS MANUFACTORY” in front of the fixed notch rear sight and “RICHMOND.VA/1862” behind it. The barrel has a “pinched” blade front and dovetail mounted notch rear sight. The matching serial number “1810” is visible on the rear of the lock plate and the upper tang. The barrel band and buttplate are brass.

This museum and investment grade rare weapon is rated NRA Antique Very Good and is well above average for an authentic Confederate weapon. It exhibits an unmolested dark brown age patina, light to moderate oxidation and pitting, a mellow and very dark aged patina on the brass, and moderate overall wear. The wood is good to very good and has a period applied coat of protective varnish, mild surface chips and dings, some general moderate scrapes and bruises, some very minor cracks, and a piece of wood missing from the rear of the forearm. Overall, it is functionally mechanically fine.

These weapons are VERY RARE and fewer than 50 of the original 1,900 are known to have survived. If you want a weapon that SCREAMS the Rebel Yell, look no further.

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