Revolutionary to War of 1812 style American Arkansas toothpick side knife !


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This is just simply a stunning 100% American belt knife in all respects which even retains a portion of the original leather sheath with double tear drop shaped throg button.  The blade, made from a file, measures right at 9″ long and is 1.25″ wide at the ricasso.  The flat slabbed awl handle type grip is American walnut and the ferrule is iron with small line decorations.  The guard is simple hand rolled sheet iron.  This weapon dates from the 1770s to around 1805 in form and style and has been in several well-known American weaponry collections including William Guthman and Robert “Bob” Abels.  The form is often called an Arkansas toothpick but actually dates back much farther to around the 1720s and is purely American all the way.  A wonderful example of an early American fighting knife that likely saw use from the birth of the United States through the Civil War years.  Overall condition is remarkable for its age.

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