Scarce Civil War Rogers and Spencer percussion Army revolver

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This is an excellent example of this VERY limited production .44 percussion revolver, serial number 4891. It retains 80%+ original bright blue finish, near flawless martially inspected walnut grips, fine bore and action crisp as new!  It is absolutely untouched, unmodified and unmolested condition overall and one of the few known to NOT have the bottom of the flared out grips chipped out from field use.

The Rogers & Spencer Percussion Revolver was originally manufactured in Willowvale, NY from 1863-65. The United States government contracted with Rogers & Spencer for 5,000 of the solid frame percussion pistols.

The Rogers and Spencer Army Model Revolver was actually an improvement of earlier pistols produced by the firm – the Pettingill and Freeman revolvers. The Pettingills were produced in the late 1850’s and early 1860’s and were double action revolvers. The Pettingills were ahead of their time, being designed as hammerless pistol, which were popular in the last decade of the 19th Century but considered too “avant garde” for Army purchasers.

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