Antebellum M1851 Colt Navy .36 revolver, all matching numbers

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This is a really nice example of a weapon which easily could have seen service in the Confederacy as it was manufactured in 1857.  While not martially marked with a U.S. on the frame, it does have several military sub inspector marks on the frame and triggerguard.  Many of these weapons were purchased prior to the War for both private use and state militia and although called a “Navy,” that merely reflects the caliber.  In fact, most of the early production military contract revolvers were actually issued to cavalry units in the North and South as well to the US Regulars (Dragoons).

The weapon is all matching and shows considerable wear but the action is functional and in fine repair overall.  The cylinder scene is very weak from actual use but the serial number is deeply impressed as the images show.  If you are seeking this type of weapon that easily could have been carried by a Southern soldier, look no further!  This example surfaced in an estate sale in central Virginia but unfortunately, any known history of ownership had long been lost.

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