Barn found CONFEDERATE .577 Enfield rifled musket made by Barnett of England

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This is an awesome find and fresh from the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia!  The weapon is in totally untouched original condition as-found and retains the original ramrod.  The rear site has been gone for many, many decades.  The lock markings are very clear and next to the butt plate tang is the visible stamp inside an oval of CH1.  The CH1 stamp is the inspector mark of the firm of Curtis & Harvey who contracted with Isaac, Campbell and Company to inspect arms destined for the Confederate States of America in 1861-1862.  This weapon is one of several shipments that arrived via the blockade and got sent to Richmond, Virginia, where they were distributed to Confederate forces in the field.

The weapon is in semi-relic condition overall and the hammer screw is broken off (assembly is currently secured with silicone adhesive, which easily is removed).  If you want a 100% AUTHENTIC Confederate issued rifle for a fraction of the current market cost, look no more–here it is!  There are also initials carved in the stock and with a little research time, you might just find out the name of the Rebel that carried it into battle.

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