Civil War Burnside Carbine #38579

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Civil War Burnside percussion carbine manufactured circa late 1863-early 1864.  The carbine is in very solid and sound condition overall and functions well.  It is missing the upper barrel band which has been gone A LONG time!  By the serial number and according to Springfield Research Service, this particular carbine falls within the range of carbines issued to both the Loudon County Rangers and the 2nd Texas Cavalry, both UNION regiments raised after early 1863.

The Loudoun Rangers, also known as Mean’s Rangers for their commander, Samuel C. Means, was a partisan cavalry unit raised in Loudoun County, Virginia that fought for the Union during the American Civil War. The Rangers have the “distinction” of being the only unit raised in present-day Virginia to serve in the Union Army.

The 2nd Regiment, Texas UNION Cavalry was organized at Brownsville, Texas, December 15, 1863. It consolidated with 1st Texas Cavalry November 1, 1864.

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