Civil War Confederate Haiman wreath for CS or Virginia state seal tongue

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This an extra fancy wreath known to both several state seal  (specifically Virginia) tongues and several CS cast tongues for the interlocking two piece tongue and wreath sword belt plate types.  All points considered, this is an excellent condition Confederate sword belt wreath portion which is a fancier variation of the standard issue tongue and wreath plate.  Exact location dug is unknown but most all of the relics that came in this old collection were recovered from the battlefield and camp areas of Richmond, Fredericksburg and Petersburg, Virginia from private property with the permission of the owners.  100% GUARANTEED original and authentic and as-found (just with the surface dirt rinsed off).  This type of wreath is noted in Kerksis as #251 (CS Haiman) and #415 and #418 (Virginia State seal).

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