Civil War Confederate Richmond Armory Rifle Musket 1863


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Solid example of a weapon assembled in Richmond, Virginia, using parts of other weapons either spare things from Harpers Ferry Armory or taken from captured weapons in the field.  This weapon is .58 caliber and has a brass buttplate and nosecap but has a swelled shank ramrod indicating the stock was originally from a Model 1855 Harpers Ferry rifled musket or made with equipment captured at the Harpers Ferry Armory.  Richmond Armory was a major rework facility that utilized captured parts throughout the entire manufacturing history 1860-1865.  This particular weapon was once in the collection of Fred Edmunds who owned the Confederate States Armory Museum in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania.  The bore is above average and the action is tight and crisp.  As with all Richmond Armory weapons, there are no inspector cartouches in the wood and the “U” barrel band alignment stamps are offset.

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