Civil War era Allen and Thurber .38 percussion boot pistol

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Any soldier, North or South, who could lay hands on one of these DID! Incredibly popular, inexpensive and potent, the pistols made by Allen and Wheelock and Allen and Thurber were known for their high quality, low price and powerful and accurate shooting ability. This one is a typical example of the antebellum to early War models but made in a rather large caliber (most are .31) and with a longer barrel (4 3/4″). The markings are clear, the action tight and the bore, nice! Very inexpensive example of a percussion handgun every soldier WANTED to have as “backup” whether stuck in the top of the boot or tucked away elsewhere. A great starter weapon for the new collector or a quality example in an established collection. Complimentary shipping to the lower 48 US.

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