Civil War Kenansville “Froelich” Confederate cavalry sword

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“Fresh” one, just as found behind the fireplace mantle of a home built in the 1850s near Ayden, NC!  Standard large, smooth pommel example with full wire wrap, but the leather grip has long rotted away.  About as untouched of an example as you will likely ever see (other than for the scabbard, which was cleaned by the guy who found it several years ago).  Very strong blade and beyond brown patina on the hilt.  There are no Roman numerals on the scabbard throat and it appears there never were any–totally unmolested in that respect.  Wonderful soldered and lapped iron scabbard with both rings intact.  If you want a super honest one, here it is!

Louis Froelich began his Confederate States Armory while in Wilmington, NC, but later moved the operation to Kenansville, NC–this pattern is the Kenansville type.

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