Civil War Smith carbine, exceptional bore and very crisp!

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This is a very good example of the Smith cavalry carbine overall.  It has very generous scattered original finish remaining which you can view in the images.  Mechanically, it is like new.  The only detraction is the odd chipping near the breech as shown which looks like a squirrel nibbled on it!  Very minor when the rest of the weapon is considered.


This gun falls into the known ranges of weapons issued to the 1st Alabama and 3rd Maryland UNION cavalry units according to the Springfield Research database.

The 1st Alabama Cavalry Regiment was a cavalry regiment recruited from Southern Unionists that served in the Union Army during the American Civil War. It was the only predominantly-white Union regiment from Alabama. Of the 2,678 white Alabamians who enlisted in the Union Army, 2,066 served in the 1st Alabama Cavalry.



Battle at Cherokee Station, Battle of Barton’s Station, Battle of Camp Davies, Battle of Snake Creek Gap,Battle of Nickajack Creek, Battle of Resaca, Battle of Rome Cross Roads, Battle of Dallas, Battle of Atlanta, Siege of Atlanta, Battle of Jonesborough, Battle of Monroe’s Crossroads and the Battle of Bentonville


The 3rd Maryland Volunteer Cavalry (aka “Bradford Dragoons”) was a cavalry regiment that served in the Union Army during the American Civil War. The 3rd Maryland Cavalry has the distinction of being the only regiment of “galvanized Yankees” which was actively engaged against Confederate forces.


Engagements:   Battle of Flemming’s Ford, Red River Campaign, Battle of Mansura, Battle of Marksville, Battle of Yellow Bayou, Battle of Mobile Bay, Siege of Fort Morgan and Battle of Spanish Fort

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