Civil War Starr Army Double Action percussion revolver

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Manufactured by the Starr Arms Company of New York City, this Civil War percussion revolver is an original double-action Model 1858 Army revolver in fair to good overall condition.  These weapons were in production from the late 1850’s through the early 1860s with a total of approximately 23,000 units produced at the company’s Binghamton and Yonkers, New York facilities.  This particular Starr DA revolver, which features minor traces of original factory bluing on the frame, also exhibits a crisp government inspector cartouche stamped on the left grip.  This revolver also has numerous sub-inspector marks on the barrel, frame and cylinder.   The patent date stampings on the frame are crisp and read “STARR ARMS CO. NEW YORK” and “STARR’S PATENT JAN.15, 1856”.

This Civil War handgun is a .44 caliber double action model with a 6-shot unrebated cylinder, and a 6” round barrel and with percussion nipples protruding from the back of the cylinder.  The grips are made of one piece walnut and in very good condition with only a few minor dings and dents.   The weapons screws are original and not buggered up.   This original Civil War Starr Double Action Model 1858 Army percussion revolver is a classic sidearm to add to any collection and were heavily used by Union Cavalry.

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