Civil War Tower Enfield Rifle Musket 1862 fresh from Virginia!

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Well worn and used old combat veteran that for sure saw plenty of the “elephant.”  The ramrod is from an earlier form of US musket (M1812-1816) and the rear sight is missing.  They were soldered on and known to become dislodged in the field.  The hammer screw is missing but the soldier neatly peened over the edges so the hammer was held tightly in place.  The stock on this Pattern 1853 Enfield shows moderate to heavy wear and use but has no breaks or major cracks.  If you are looking for a representative example that was used in the War, here it is.  Note also the bore on this one is .58 caliber (breech marking of 24 gauge) as Enfields came in both .58 and .577.  Bargain priced!

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