Colt M1860 Army Revolver #9135, Manufactured 1861, 8th NY Cavalry range

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Very honest “as found” Model 1860 Colt .44 Army percussion revolver about as untouched as you will ever find. Manufactured very early in the Civil War and field issued in the range documented by Springfield Research Service to the 8th New York Cavalry. The handgun is functional and all matching and has very clear markings overall. There is one small chip on the bottom of the lower right grip as shown and there is visible wear to the right side of the muzzle from going in and out of a holster. Underneath the brown age patina, you can see there is a decent amount of cylinder scene left and the bore is reasonably strong. It is the 4-screw pattern as well, intended to be issued with a shoulder stock to use it as a carbine in the field. This old war horse was there through ALL of it!

8th Cavalry Regiment
Nickname: Rochester Regiment
Left the State: November 29, 1861
Mustered out: June 27, 1865

Col. Samuel J. Crooks received authority to recruit this regiment; it was organized for a three years’ service, November 14, 1861, at Rochester, where Companies A, B, C, D, E, F, I and K were mustered in the United States service November 23d, and Companies G and H November 28, 1861, only ten companies being organized; Company L having been consolidated into Company G and Company M merged into H, November 14, 1861. A number of the enlisted men of Company K were in December, 1861, transferred to other companies of the regiment, and March 8, 1862, the remaining men were transferred to the 1st Battalion of Artillery, Companies A, B and D, later 29th, 30th and 32d Batteries. A new Company K and Companies L and M were organized in August, September and October, 1862, and mustered in the United States service at Rochester for three years, September 29th, October 15th and 14th, respectively. At the expiration of the term of service of the regiment, those entitled thereto were, October 29, 1864, ordered to Rochester to be discharged and mustered out, and those remaining were, November 1, 1864, consolidated into a battalion of eight companies and retained in service. In this consolidation Companies A, B, C, D and E retained their letters and organization, Company K became Company F, L became G, and M was designated H; the enlisted men of the original Company F were transferred to Company A; those of original G to Companies B, C, D and M, old; those of original H to D and L, old; those of I to Company E, old. On the 30th of April, 1865, new Companies I, K, L and M were formed of recruits, mustered in for one and two years’ service, and the regimental organization again completed.

The companies were recruited principally: A at Rochester, Penn Tan, Penfield, Webster and Canandaigua; B at Rochester, Avon, Brighton, Lima, Rush and Honeoye Falls; C at Rochester, Newark, Sodus, Palmyra, Marion and Williamson; D at Rochester, Clyde and Phelps; E at Rochester, -Hartland, Middleport and Royalton; F at Rochester, Albion, Carlton, Kendall and Newark; G at Rochester, Rushville, Seneca Falls, Montezuma and Waterloo; H at Rochester, Brockport, Bergen, Clarkson, Fairport and Hamblin; I at Rochester, Clinton, Penfield, Paris, Deansville, Waterville, Ontario, Webster, North Bay and Walworth; second Company I at Buffalo and Auburn, and K at Rochester, Brockport, Batavia, Norwich, Pitcher, Pharsalia, Sherburne, Spencerport and Webster; second Company K at Rochester; third Company K at Lockport, Canandaigua, Rochester, Buffalo and New York city; Companies L and M at Rochester; second Companies L and M at Rochester, Auburn, Elmira, Canandaigua, Buffalo, Binghamton, Lockport, Oswego and Syracuse.

The regiment left the State November 29, 1861, and served in the defenses of Washington, D. C., from December, 1861; in the Department of the Shenandoah from March, 1862; in the Middle Department, 8th Corps, from June, 1862; in the 5th Brigade, Pleasanton’s Division of Cavalry, Army of the Potomac, mounted, from August, 1862; in the 1st Brigade, same division, from December, 1862; in the 1st Brigade, 1st Division, Cavalry Corps, Army of the Potomac, from February, 1863; in the 2d Brigade, 3d Division, Cavalry, Army of the Potomac, from March, 1864; in the Army of the Shenandoah from October, 1864, and with the Army of the Potomac from March, 1865.

The regiment, commanded by Col. Edmund M. Pope, was mustered out and honorably discharged June 27, 1865, at Alexandria, Va., having lost by death during its service, killed in action, 8 officers, 60 enlisted men; died of wounds received in action, 5 officers, 32 enlisted men; died of disease and other causes, 6 officers, 213 enlisted men; total, 19 officers, 305 enlisted men; aggregate, 324, of whom 3 officers and 70 enlisted men died in the hands of the enemy.

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