Colt Model 1849 Civil War Pocket Revolver manufactured in 1863

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This is a very nice overall percussion revolver with the most desired barrel length, 6”.  The walnut grips retain 80%+ original varnish and the backstrap and triggerguard are NOT silver plated, common with mid-Civil War era examples.  The barrel and frame have been cleaned to arsenal bright and all markings are crisp and legible.  All parts match including the barrel wedge.  About 65% cylinder scene is visible and the action is tight and crisp, but the cylinder timing is off a bit.  It might improve once cleaned and properly oiled.  Other than for a replaced wedge screw, all parts appear to be original to the weapon as manufactured.

The 6” Colt Pocket, chambered in .31, was extremely popular with soldiers as a personal weapon during the Civil War.  This one has a small “2” stamped on the left side of the triggerguard and the last digit of the serial numbers is overstamped O/D, generally indicating it was likely part of a cased set at some point in time.

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