English Connection – New “Bible” Civil War Imports

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20+ years of research and work, “The English Connection” is the most in depth work to date regarding the material of war purchased by the Confederacy from Great Britain. All serious collectors are aware of weapons such as the Tower Enfield pattern rifle muskets, but the Confederacy imported everything from guns, edged weapons and ammunition to uniforms, buttons, cloth and even fine naval china. Detailed and heavily illustrated chapters include studies of the long arms, handguns and edged weapons as well as leather goods, uniforms and related items, ammunition, and other wares. Post war dispositions of the Confederate purchased items are also explored and the book contains hundreds of quality color photographs and large amount of previously unpublished primary source material. This HUGE book has 10 chapters, 4 appendices and over 600 pages! It is a must for any advanced collector and student of the American Civil War and is a book you simply must have in your library! The perfect gift as well!