Excellent WWII Nazi German Kriegsmarine (Navy) Officer dagger

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This is an exceptional 2nd Model WW2 German Naval Officer Dagger and is one of the nicer mid to late war examples, showing very little field use and lots of history.

The pommel is nicely formed with crisp checkering to the eagle’s breast and a crisp wreathed swastika. The crossguard features the standard fouled anchor center blocks, acanthus leaves on the guard arms and button ends with nipple tips.

The grip is made of burnt orange colored celluloid. The celluloid on this example remains in near perfect condition, tightly wrapped with twisted brass wire, and only has one tiny chip near the bottom.

The scabbard shows honest age and very minimal carrying wear and no denting. other than for two very shallow depressions near the drag.  It features the standard lightning bolt pattern engraving along with the usual palmettes around the bands, ermine feet and acanthus leaves at the bottom. The bands have overlapping oak leaves and remain sound. The triple serrated eyelets show only very light wear. The throat is retained by a pair of dome head brass side screws.

The blade is a plain type with twin fullers on each side. It remains extremely crisp and bright and has a fine, needle-like tip; it is nearly mint. The reverse ricasso is stamped with WKC and a plumed and helmeted knight’s head and the original red felt blade buffer is in 60% in place (one side is chipped out, perhaps by the locking button assembly).  The release button is the notched type which was used from 1941 to 1945.

Since 1883, Weyersberg, Kirschbaum & Co. (WKC), has manufactured military swords and daggers in Solingen, Germany.   It remains in business today as the oldest and largest military sword and dagger manufacturer in Germany and is still a family-owned business.

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