Exceptional 5th Model Burnside Civil War cavalry carbine #3107

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The United States Ordnance Department purchased 43,000 5th Model Burnside carbines during 1863-64 to arm Union cavalry units. Many saw hard use during the Civil War. It has standard so-called “5th Model” markings, including a script “RKW” cartouche on the left of the wrist and exhibits all matching serial numbers.  This very reliable and accurate, dependable weapon was patented by Union General Ambrose P. Burnside and was manufactured in Rhode Island.  It utilized a unique metallic cartridge but still required a percussion cap for ignition.  Lightweight and easy to load, thousands of these weapons saw use in virtually all theaters of the Civil War battlefields.  This particular example , serial number 3107, exhibits generous amounts of dulling blue to bright blue on all parts as shown and the bore is near perfect.  The government inspector marks are crisp and easy to read, unlike most.  Investment grade overall, and priced well below market for the condition!

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Dimensions 40 × 6 × 6 in