Exceptional antebellum Colt M1849 Pocket Revolver

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This weapon is in fine overall condition and has crisp markings, tight action and an excellent cylinder scene. All numbers match and 90% of the silver wash is present as well as 90%+ original grip varnish. Manufactured in 1860 right at the outbreak of the Civil War, this .31 percussion revolver has a 5” barrel with the New York City barrel marking. At some point in time, someone soldered on a tapered blade front sight but the original brass pin sight remains as well. Many of the original cylinder pins remain as well, which are seldom found on any Colt revolver.

Many of these weapons are considered Confederate secondary items and a large number of those manufactured in 1860 found their way South prior to the outbreak of hostilities. This is an incredibly tight weapon in very solid condition overall and would be a great addition to any collection

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