Exceptional Civil War Barnett Enfield artillery carbine / musketoon

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This is a relatively rare variation of the Civil War imported Tower Enfield rifles as used by both North and South in the War.  It is rifled and is caliber .577 like its larger counterpart, the Pattern 1853 Rifled Musket.  The weapon bears a very clear Barnett stamp in the stock as well as two crown proofs near the triggerguard and was found in the attic of an old home in Petersburg, Virginia several years ago.

Many of these were heavily used by Confederate artillery units and some went to cavalry units as well.  The metal is smooth and unmolested and the stock shows ripples in the finish due to being in an attic for many, many decades.  The action is tight and crisp and the ramrod and sling swivels are original.  While it does not have the more definitive Confederate markings, it is also devoid of Union markings or those used by the British Army.  It is clearly an export to the US and was not made for the East India Company, either, as those do not have the flip sights or are normally rifled.

If you collect Civil War weapons and specifically the Enfield patterns, this is not one normally encountered.

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