Exceptional Colt M1851 Civil War Navy Revolver, “Lincoln’s Own” range

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This beautiful pistol is a standard Model 1851 Colt “Navy” percussion revolver (meaning it is chambered in .36 instead of the “Army” .44 caliber) is one of the finest known surviving examples. It easily grades NRA Antique Fine exhibiting 99% original silver wash, full cylinder scene and 93%+ overall blue finish. The smooth walnut grips retain 99% of the original lacquer finish and the action is crisp as NEW. All serial numbers match and the cylinder scene is so crisp you can feel it with your fingertips. It easily grades in the top 5% of all known surviving examples today.

This fine revolver, as shown in the Springfield Research database, also falls in the range of privately purchased revolvers carried by members of the 10th Illinois Cavalry also known as “Lincoln’s Own.” If you buy only ONE Civil War revolver, this one might just be it. Museum and investment grade all the way!

10th Illinois Cavalry Regiment

Active November 25, 1861 – November 22, 1865
Disbanded November 22, 1865

The 10th Regiment Illinois Volunteer Cavalry, known informally as “Lincoln’s Own”, was a cavalry regiment that served in the Union Army during the American Civil War. It was mustered into military service at Camp Butler, Illinois on November 25, 1861. In January 1862, the regiment moved to Quincy, Illinois, where they underwent additional training.

In December 1862, the unit saw its first major action outside Prairie Grove, Arkansas. Some member battalions of the 10th aided with the taking of Little Rock and Arkansas Post the following summer. Members of the regiment were required to obtain their own mounts and sidearms, which were owned by the individual members until 1864, the government bought the horses from the men.

The regiment was disbanded on November 22, 1865, with members receiving their final pay and discharge at Camp Butler on January 6, 1866.

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