Fine antebellum Colt Root Model 5 percussion revolver made in 1855

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Great example of this delicate looking handgun that is a cousin to the famous Colt Revolving rifles and carbines. Manufactured before the War in 1855, these weapons were incredibly popular with soldiers as they were compact and powerful. This little gem has sharp barrel markings and is mechanically crisp as new. Overall, it is mostly a mellow gray patina but there are touches of original color in protected places. A very honest example of a very scarce Civil War era revolver. It is chambered in .31, like the popular M1849 Pocket Revolver.

In 1855 the Root Sidehammer was the first Colt’s revolver to use the “creeping” loading lever. This loading mechanism was used again in 1860 in the design of the Colt Army Model 1860, the Colt Navy Model 1861 and the Colt Police Model 1862.

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