Fine ID’d US Army Remington M1871 Rolling Block rifle chambered in .50-70 caliber centerfire


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This is a very fine weapon and even comes with the original socket bayonet and a positive ID to the owner. Made in the millions by Remington and under license to others, it was used worldwide. While the US Army ultimately went with the Springfield Trapdoor, the US Navy chose the Model 1867 Remington-made rolling block carbine in .50-45, then ordered a further 10,000 Model 1870 rolling block rifles in .50-70 Gov’t made at Springfield Armory under license.
The state of New York held its own trials to replace its National Guard’s muzzleloaders. After briefly considering conversion methods, the state went with Remington-made .50-70 rolling blocks as Remington was a home-state arms maker. New York bought 19,450 rifles in two orders. On the example shown, the Remington address on the tang indicates it was from the second batch of 4,500 rifles ordered in 1873. There is a strong chance this man served in the 7th New York, but further research is needed to confirm.

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