Fine US Model 1861 Springfield Rifled Musket dated 1861/2 !

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This is a beautiful condition weapon with a fine bore and exceptionally crisp markings overall.  Considered the basic infantry weapon of the entire Union Army, the M1861 dated 1861 is one of the rarest to survive, as they saw severe use in the field during the Civil War.  Polished to armory bright, these weapons were the mainstay of the .58 minie ball weapons used.  This example shows very light use and has a clear ESA inspector cartouche in the wood as shown.  The barrel is dated 1862, indicating it was likely issued in January of 1862 or perhaps December of 1861.  If you only have one Union rifled musket in your collection, this is the one–if you want a centerpiece, it is that, too!  Investment grade.

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