Fine WW1 German P08 Luger pistol Erfurt 1918

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One of the last full and open military contract handguns of WW1 Imperial Germany, this fine weapon shows a great deal of original finish and is all numbers matching, other than the magazine, which is off by a few digits. The aluminum based magazine indicates this weapon was carried in WWII, as most WW1 issued pistols had wooden plugs. It is completely original and unmolested and in the same condition as when brought back from Germany in WW2 by a US GI. It has been in the same family since 1945 and never on the collector market. The action is crisp and the bore is excellent, as are all markings. As with any antique weapon, it is NOT warranted safe to fire until fully inspected by a competent gunsmith. If you are seeking an original and exceptional P08 9mm Parabellum Luger pistol that saw service in TWO world wars, you need look no further. FFL or C&R required for transfer.

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