Fine WW2 British Enfield No. 2 Mark 1 .38 revolver with original holster ! 1937

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Fresh from a local estate, this fine WWII British revolver looks like a Webley but was made at the Royal Small Arms Factory in Enfield, England. The holster in near MINT and dated 1943.

The Enfield No. 2 Mark 1 revolver was actually developed at the Royal Small Arms Factory in Enfield, England from 1926 – 1927. The design is based on a scaled down Webley Mark 6 “top-break” frame, with a cylinder chambered for six (6) .38/200 rounds.

The hammer/trigger group was redesigned, with a manual hammer safety lock added, and with a separate cylinder lock. This revolver was adopted for British Military service in 1932 as ‘Enfield Revolver, .38 Calibre, No.2 Mark 1’. After 1938, almost all No.2 Mk.1’s were converted into ‘No.2 Mark 1*’ configuration [not the author’s asterisk].

Enfield No.2 Mark 1* was developed in the late 1930’s for the British Tank Corps, and are distinguished from the early Mark 1 by spurless, Double Action Only hammers, lighter mainsprings, and re-shaped grip side plates. The spurless DAO hammers were required by Tank Corps command to avoid snagging the hammers on tank internals.

‘Enfield No.2 Mark 1**[not the author’s asterisks]’ appeared in 1942 as a more simplified wartime design. These guns were similar to No.2 Mark 1*, but without the hammer stop. After 1945, all of these revolvers were recalled and converted into No.2 Mark 1* configuration.

The mechanics on this handgun are EXCELLENT and the bore is strong and crisp. As with any weapon over 50+ years old, it is NOT WARRANTED to be safe to fire–if you intend to, take it to a competent gunsmith to be completely checked out. Buyer must provide a Curio and Relic license or have the weapon transferred to a local Federal Firearms Dealer (we will ship directly to them) to complete the transfer per ATF rules and regulations.

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