Fine WWII Nazi German P38 9mm pistol with holster

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NOTE: Federal Firearms or Federal Curio and Relic license required for purchase and transfer (unless local and you have a valid permit).  Any weapon over 10 years of age is NOT warranted safe to fire even though the mechanical action is flawless.  It is recommended, before firing, that you have the weapon checked out by a gunsmith.

This is an exceptional example of the standard handgun of German military forces in WW2 and the full frame military 9mm Parabellum that followed the famous P08 Luger.  Manufactured by Mauser and coded BYF43, this weapon was manufactured and issued in 1943 and is serial number 4268.  It retains 90%+ original finish and the actions and markings are crisp.  The original matching holster is marked on the reverse P38 along with the maker code, bml (Hans Roemer, Neu-Ulm / Donau) and the production date of 1943 plus the Waffenamt (WaA) of WaA23, which was an inspector/issue stamp used by the German Army Weapons Agency.  The magazine is coded “jvd” and not numbered (made by Erste Nordboehmische Metallwarenfabrik, Adolf Roessler, Niedereinsiedel, Sudetenland).

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