Fine WWII US Model 1911A1 Colt .45 ACP pistol, 1943

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NOTE: Federal Firearms or Federal Curio and Relic license required for purchase and transfer (unless local and you have a valid permit).  Any weapon over 10 years of age is NOT warranted safe to fire even though the mechanical action is flawless.  It is recommended, before firing, that you have the weapon checked out by a gunsmith.

This exceptional WW2 era COLT Model 1911 semi automatic pistol (called the M1911A1 by WWII) was the workhorse for the US military before,  during WW2 and well beyond.  It retails 90%+ original finish and the grips are near perfect, as is the mechanical action.  All markings are crisp.  The magazine is NOT WW2 era but is original military issue.

The serial number is 829155 which places it as being manufactured in 1943 under direct government contract.

The M1911 series .45 caliber pistol was the standard personal defense weapon carried by officers and NCO’s of all US military services during World War I, World War II, Korea and Viet Nam. It has a rich military heritage, was very reliable, and the weapon of choice for use in close combat.  The .45 caliber semi-automatic pistol is a recoil-operated hand weapon and is magazine-fed, firing one round each time the trigger is squeezed once the hammer is cocked by prior action of the slide or thumb. This design is referred to as “single action only.” The thumb safety may only be activated once the pistol is cocked. The hammer remains in the fully cocked position once the safety is activated (“cocked and locked”).

The M1911A1 was widely respected for its reliability and powerful lethality.  The single action/cocked and locked design required the user to be very familiar and well-trained to allow carrying the pistol in the “ready-to-fire” mode.

Although some commercial pistols were purchased and issued to General Officers, the military contract versions (marked “U.S. Government Property”) were the most widely issued in the field.

Primary function: Semiautomatic pistol
Length: 8.625 inches (21.91 centimeters)
Length of barrel: 5.03 inches (12.78 centimeters)
Magazine empty: 2.5 pounds (1.14 kg)
Magazine loaded: 3.0 pounds (1.36 kg)
Bore diameter: .45 caliber
Maximum effective range: 82.02 feet (25 meters)
Muzzle velocity: 830 feet (253 meters) per second
Magazine capacity: 7 rounds



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