Great relic, Attic Fresh Confederate Kenansville Cavalry Sword

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If you ever wanted an HONEST, just as found Confederate Civil War cavalry sword, look no further! This is a Type II Kenansville Confederate States Armory (Louis Froelich) cavalry sword with most of the original lapped iron, brass mounted scabbard which has NEVER been offered for public sale before now. The original grip leather has mostly faded away with time, but the full coarse iron wire wrap remains. The hilt and scabbard throat have matching correct bench numbers (XXV, “25”) and about 11-12″ of the scabbard is missing, likely broken off very long ago. The blade tip is near perfect and there are no significant nicks in the cutting edge of the blade, which will clean up very nicely if so desired. This is as UNTOUCHED and dead real original as you will ever see….

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