Identified Colt M1911A1 .45 acp pistol carried by a WW2 pilot ! Fully documented….

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NOTE: Federal Firearms or Federal Curio and Relic license required for purchase and transfer (unless local and you have a valid permit).  Any weapon over 10 years of age is NOT warranted safe to fire even though the mechanical action is flawless.  It is recommended, before firing, that you have the weapon checked out by a gunsmith.

Wonderful old military Colt .45 which was owned and carried on MANY missions by Lt. Col. Robert H. Safton, US Army Air Force and US Air Force.  Safton began his career as a bomber pilot in the CBI China Burma India command of the Far East and later flew missions in both Korea and Viet Nam–and this was his carry weapon!

At some point he had it chrome plated and replaced the barrel.  The custom grips are the product likely crafted in Japan in the 1960s era.  The pistol itself, serial number 808390, was manufactured by Colt in 1943.  The weapon is accompanied by a letter from his son giving additional history.

This fine old weapon is mechanically flawless and is a beauty!  Own a piece of air combat history from THREE wars!

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