IDENTIFIED Confederate Wood Drum Canteen, Virginia Unit

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Really nice, fresh Confederate wood drum canteen with partial leather sling with the initials of the owner carved on the outside (and the ONLY set of initials that match in any records, by the way). The canteen is a classic Gardner Patent type made of cedar and is very sound overall, exhibiting a fine unmolested natural patina. Deeply carved in one side are the initials “IRL” which correspond to Isaac R. Lilly who enlisted as a Private on 9/8/1862 and mustered into Company B, 23rd Virginia Infantry Battalion. Lilly served until at least April 1, 1864 when he is recorded as going on leave–and no further military records exist. A native of western Virginia, he was issued this standard pattern infantry canteen as typical for early War units. It is not uncommon to see “1776” on Confederate items as early in the War the secession was compared to the American Revolution! Exceptional example overall.

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