Lot of 25 DROPPED Civil War Williams Cleaner Type III bullets Kennesaw Mountain Atlanta Georgia!


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Just purchased from the estate of a relic hunter from the 1960-70s era, these are all hand select dropped Williams Cleaner bullets discarded or lost in the field.  Was it a scared and fumbling young soldier who dropped it?  Did the paper cartridge get wet so the bullets were discarded?  Did a soldier fall in battle, dropping his cartridge box and spilling the contents?  Nobody really knows—but these are NICE original and authentic Civil War bullets recovered from camps and battlefields from Kennesaw Mountain to Atlanta, Georgia.


VERY LIMITED supply available—don’t miss these small fragments of history.


The Williams Cleaner projectiles had a lead body with a zinc washer installed in the base which in theory would scour the bore of a Civil War rifled musket of excess powder build up.  One Williams Cleaner (which had a blue paper wrapper) was included in every pack of TEN standard minie ball projectiles (which had a light brown paper wrapper).

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