Lot of 25 FIRED Tower Enfield Civil War minie balls FIVE FORKS Virginia !

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Just purchased from the estate of a relic hunter from the 1960-70s era, these are all FIRED P53 Tower Enfield minie ball bullets shot in the heat of battle.  Nobody really knows exactly what or who these bullets were aimed at—and they were used by both Yankees and Rebels…but these are NICE original and authentic Civil War bullets recovered from fields and battlefields in the area of Five Forks, Virginia.  VERY LIMITED supply available—don’t miss these small fragments of history.


The typical Tower Enfield rifles and rifled muskets generally came in two forms, the English Pattern 1856 Rifle and the Pattern 1858 Rifled Musket.  These projectiles could be fired in either weapon and both types of weapons were used by Union and Confederate forces.  Many of these came into the South via the Blockade.

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