Lot of Civil War artillery shell fragments from Petersburg, Virginia battlefield areas

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WOW!  If you want a display that shows the horror of it all, how about a TEN POUND BOX full of shell fragments from the days of the fiery hot shells bursting over your head, raining these pieces down towards you at hundreds of miles an hour!  We have recently purchased a large Civil War collection and these were included.  The bits and pieces are assorted sizes as you can see in the picture and we have found that ten pounds fits nicely in a flat rate box, so shipping is included in the cost.  Round shells, rifled projectiles, you name it–unsorted, just as it comes from the bins.  You will probably want more once you get the first one but the supply is LIMITED to what is now on hand.  Most of the areas where these were recovered decades ago are no longer available to relic hunt on.  All of these were found in, on and around the battlefields of Petersburg, Virginia, and the pieces are a mix of Union and Confederate pieces.

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