Lot of FIVE (5) Civil War Tower Enfield .577 minie ball bullets CONFEDERATE!

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We just purchased a battlefield and campsite relic collection assembled in the mid-1960s to 1970s and there was a small lot of near perfect “dropped” blockade runner imported Tower Enfield .577 minie ball bullets.  We rinsed off some of the sand and dirt and bagged them at random, so no two lots will be exactly the same.  These bullets were intended for use in the English weapons so well known during the American Civil War and were used by BOTH sides, Union and Confederate, although most were at least intended for Southern military use.  Some of them still have minor fragments of the original paper cartridge still on them after being buried for over 100+ years!  Some have very minor dings and nicks as you can see but all are exceptionally nice–and they are seldom found today.  The perfect small addition to any Civil War collection and a great inexpensive but very historical gift for both the novice and advanced collectors.

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