M1861 Civil War Rifled Musket by Trenton, 1863

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Solid example of one of the many contract standard infantry weapons of the American Civil War.  This piece was manufactured by J.T. Hodge and A.M. Burton at the Trenton Locomotive and Machine Company of Trenton, New Jersey and is one of 11,495 made by that company in 1863 and 1864.  The barrel and lock are dated slightly apart, indicating this particular weapon was made very late in 1863.  It has evidence of original tinning which is generally indicative of pieces intended for Naval use or near the seacoasts.  Other tinned examples are known as having been used in parades such as the Grand Review.  Of particular interest is the fact the buttplate does NOT have a “U.S.” stamping–very unusual for the type.  Overall it is borderline Very Good but does have a slight crack near the buttstock as shown.  Fully functional and an attractive weapon showing no evidence of having been cleaned or modified in any way.

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