Maj. Gen. J.A. Lejeune Letter and Book

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1st edition of the book by Maj. Gen. John A. Lejeune inscribed by John L. Dillard with a pasted in, hand written and signed letter from Gen. Lejeune which reads “Captain J.L. Dillard, Columbus, Ohio, My dear Captain Dillard, I have heard from Captain Letcher and read in the Lexington papers all about the unveiling of the bust at V.M.I. Finals, and I desire to thank you for your part as a member of the Committee in arranging for the donation. I am sorry that I couldn’t be there at the unveiling, but it is just as well, as I would have been overcome with modesty by the complimentary speeches that were made. I desire to express my heartfelt thanks and appreciation to you personally for arranging the donation. With best wishes I am Yours Sincerely, John A. Lejeune.” The letter is headed 228 Quincy St., Long Beach, Cal., July 18, 1933.

Camp Lejeune, NC, is named for this revered and famous US Marine officer.

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