MASSIVE Civil War era Colt 3rd Model DRAGOON revolver, superb!


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This beast of a handgun was manufactured in mid-1860, just prior to the outbreak of the Civil War. Chambered in .44, it has an 8” barrel and a six shot cylinder. The serial number is #18530 and it is one of only 10,500 produced from 1851 to 1861. The action is strong and all markings are very legible. The walnut grip is likewise very nicely worn showing honest wear from use. All serial numbers on the weapon match and about 45%+/- of the cylinder scene is visible. The brass grip strap and triggerguard has about 60% original silver plate remaining. Overall, the weapon is a very pleasing unmolested gray brown patina overall. No Civil War handgun collection is complete without a DRAGOON, nor is any Colt collection.

A large number of these weapons went SOUTH prior to the beginning of the Civil War.

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