MINT US Model 1819 Hall Rifle, Harpers Ferry, 1838

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Absolutely nearly factory NEW condition overall retaining over 90%+ original lacquer finish, this Type II Harpers Ferry Hall Rifle is one of the very best known to exist.  The bore is mint as is the seasoned walnut stock and it was never converted to percussion (original flintlock).  Manufactured in 1838, this fine rifle could easily have been carried during the Mexican War, but the condition exhibits it likely was only slightly used in the field.

The M1819 Hall rifle was a single-shot breech loading rifle (also considered something of a hybrid breech and muzzle-loading design) designed by John Hancock Hall of Maine and patented on May 21, 1811.  It was adopted by the U.S. Army in 1819.  It was preceded by the Harpers Ferry Model 1803.  It utilized a pivoting chamber breech design and was made with a flintlock ignition system. The main years of production were from the 1820s to the 1830s at the Harpers Ferry Arsenal. This was the first breech loading rifle to be adopted in large numbers by any nation’s army.  The early flintlocks were mostly converted to percussion ignition, so original flintlock models are considered scarce.

This fine weapon is in museum and investment grade and would compliment any military arms collection.

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