Museum grade M1816 North original flintlock military pistol

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This martial sidearm is a government contract Model 1816 single-shot flintlock pistol in EXCELLENT overall condition. Gunsmith / manufacturer Simeon North of Middletown, Connecticut, produced 19,375 such pistols from 1817 through 1820 for US Army issue.

The massive 15¼” long military weapon is a .54 caliber smoothbore muzzleloader with a large 9 1/16” round barrel. All iron furniture, barrel and mountings are in near pristine original condition showing only minor age oxidation and very little wear. The barrel has a brass blade front sight integrated into the upper barrel band and no rear sight. The lockplate is flat with beveled edges forward of the hammer and rounded at the rear. The early style of maker name on the lockplate with a reversed crescent is crisp and clear. It is marked “S. NORTH / eagle motif / U S / MIDLn CON” in front of the hammer and strongly stamped on the upper barrel at the left facet area are proof marks “P / US”. There is a “L. S.” mark just above the existing touch hole on the right side.

The black walnut stock exhibits a beautiful clean patina with a government inspector’s cartouche stamped on the flat opposite the hammer. The stock in fine condition, never cleaned and shows only very light moderate dings and dents. There are no breaks or chips. The lockplate strap screws show government inspector marks as do the screws on the backstrap, barrel band and butt cap. The reinforced hammer /cock has a leather wrapped flint present. The brass flash pan is detachable and angles upward at the rear. The frizzen spring remains tight and all mechanics are strong. The trigger guard is riveted to the plate and the round butt cap displays a long integral tang that forms the rear strap of the grip. The handgun has the original ramrod present which is made of hickory with a swelled tip at one end. This single-shot, martial-marked flintlock Model 1816 contract single-shot pistol by Connecticut-maker Simeon North is an EXCELLENT collectible weapon that saw service in the Seminole War, the Mexican War and even the American Civil War. It has been in an elite private collection since the late 1940s and is one of the finest examples known. Many decades of care has left a honey colored sheen to the dried oil on most metal parts.

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