Near MINT WWII British Webley and Scott revolver with extras!


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Fine condition .38 (200 grain bullet) Mark IV military contract revolver as manufactured by Webley and Scott in 1943.  Graded as “War Finish” on the frame, this exceptional revolver retains 90%+ original finish and has crisp action and markings.  It comes with an original holster, pouch and web belt as issued to troops in the field during WW2.  Federal Firearms or Curio and Relic license required for purchase (or valid NC permit, if picked up locally).  The serial number is 90836.

While there is no indication this weapon will NOT function properly, no weapon over 20 years old is warranted to be safe to fire.  It is suggested, should you want to shoot it, that you have it checked by a gunsmith first.

“The Webley Mk IV .38 revolver was initially developed during the early 1920s in response to a War Office requirement for a pistol which was lighter and easier to handle than the existing .455 service pistols. Unfortunately for Webley, the Enfield No 2 Mk 1 pistol (see FIR 385) was adopted for service instead. Notwithstanding, Webley put the Mk IV .38 into production for commercial sale. The expansion of the armed forces during the Second World War resulted in a shortage of pistols. As a consequence around 126,000 Webley Mk IV .38 revolvers were purchased by the Ministry of Supply from 1940 onwards. This example bears the mark ‘War Finish’, which was intended to alert those seeing it to the fact that they could expect a superior standard of finish on peacetime Webley products.”

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