Original Civil War M1855/8 Kepi hat with chinstrap

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This is an absolutely original and authentic Union kepi hat manufactured from 1863-1864 era with a wonderful russet leather inner band.  The body of the cap is a fine grade of dark blue wool broadcloth that unfortunately some insects decided to eat many decades ago.  We include a correct sized insert in case you prefer to display it without the damage visible (see images).  The kepi has early War type gilt eagle side buttons and a polished cotton lining.  There is a slight cut in the front indicating insignia once resided there.  The chinstrap is tarred leather and fully intact as well.

Although not the best one on the market, it is AUTHENTIC and priced many hundreds of dollars less than you normally encounter–and would look great in any relic display.  This hat was originally sold in 2000 by a well known Civil War dealer from Ohio, Dave Taylor.  There is no known association or identification as to who wore it.

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